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John Garrett

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Hey everybody! I was popular in Montgomery radio in 1999–

In 2004 I  helped flip 98.9 from Top 40 to “Bama Country”– then

I took a few years off and now I am back– as fresh and relevant as yesterday’s headlines!

You can hear me everyday of your life from 3p – 7p — What an easy gig! And I get a buncha free stuff for working at a radio station–it is really a cool place to work–you gotta getcha a radio job!

I am so lazy and radio is a perfect fit for me– I like to run ( a little ). So come on in- put your boots on! Wear your cowboy hat and getcha a mouthful of chewing tobacco — ( ok not the last part )

I am your afternoon cowpoke– John Garrett on Bama Country


  • http://songrequest Ann

    Can you place play “Up on the Ridge” by Dierks Bentley. This is his new song and so good.

    • Renea Mitchell

      Lawd Aunt Ann….LOL love you Renea

  • Alice Johnson

    Please play Keith Urban’s great new single “I’m In”. It is just awesome!!

  • Teresa

    Glad to hear you are back on the air. I remember the day WBAM went to country — you played some country song (think it was Garth) over-n-over-n-over-n-over! So cool you are! Hey….play the new Little Big Town song—–“Little White Church” – Thanx!

    • john

      it was GONE COUNTRY – alan jackson–

      thank you– i love the LBT song too!

  • http://GOOGLE BONNER



      you’re great bonner

  • Chris Tyler

    John, heard you comment about free subway. You are awesome and I listen to this station all day at work. Keep up the good work!!

    • http://subway john

      yall make sure to click the subway icon and shoot me an email to win free subway lunch!!

  • Rose McCombs

    Hey you are great absolutly love this station and all the country music you play! Also I would love a subway lunch! LOL And if you get a chance can you play that song about evry light in the house is on, he works out of town alot and I want him to know no matter how far away he goes there will always be a light on and a sparkle in his 2 boys eyes when he walks in the door. And that we love him so much. His name is Josh. Thanks John. Again your the best!


      u r a rose among thorns..:)

  • TammiE Sexton

    Hello John Garret,

    I switch from WLWI to BamaCountry and haven’t gone back yet,great work love the staff,KEEP UP THE GOOB WORK.

    Tammie Sexton

    • john garrett

      did you just call me a GOOB..?

  • Tonia

    you rock! and one heck of a great Dj ;)

    • john

      i knoooooow:)

  • Rhonda Verret

    Glad you are back. I remember you from your remotes at Ropers for ladies night!

    • john

      that was a million years ago–

      curt brewer ( of tanya tcuerk reality show fame ) was the ropers dj–

      fun times–

  • robyn Deavers

    Just love you John i have listened to you for years. But you know what i love some free subway! I am a full time student and i cannot afford to usually eat lunch or dinner depending on what time my classes are so this would be great!


      flattery gets you everywhere– good luck


    i have tuned in to wbam paul simpkins back about 1965 .it is still a great station.i used to like dans dusty disk. I like country rock, but old country always wakes up old memories!KEEP BAMING UM OUT!

  • Donna Parker

    Love listening to your show while working. Sure helps make the day go quicker. Love some Subway. If you have time, would love to hear some Little Big Town. Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Angie Patterson

    I just moved from the Mississippi Gulf Coast to Prattville, and BAMA Country ROCKS! Great music from all of my favorite artists. Thank you so much for making finding a new radio station so easy! :)


      thanks for picking us!

  • Cyndi

    Just moved to Montgomery a month ago. Your the best country station in this area.




    thank you!


    i love me some subway

  • Donna Parker

    Love me some Subway. Glad to hear you are feeling better. Have a great but safe holiday weekend.

  • Jackie Redd

    I love this station and is all i listen! Subway is very healthy food which i love to eat.

  • Donna Parker

    Love me some Subway!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for helping make the day pass faster with the great music!!!!

  • Angie Gardner

    I would love lunch on you! I like Subway and it’s a great way to help loose that un-wanted weight! You are the only station I have pluged in! Thanks! I look forward to having lunch on you!

  • Mary

    By you keeping up the great work makes my work a lot better!Love all the music you play. Hope your having a great day!

  • Rebecca whittington

    I love me some subway…and bama country

  • Lisa Fancher

    Love your mid day show! I listen everyday. WBAM is the best radio station in the world. Keep doing things the way you are! AMAZING!


      we will– thank you!

  • Bobbie Cruz

    I really enjoy listen to your station…… Great music,contest and friendly D.J.’s

  • Tina Hodge

    Enjoy listening to you. Are you doing an Iron Bowl song this year??


      hey tina

      thank you!! no iron bowl song this year– i ran outta ideas:)

  • http://GMX.COM BLAKE


  • patty

    I love the morning & CJ are great..Keep up the good work,,

  • Sandy

    Bama Country needs Bubba back in the mornings!!

  • john

    thanks sandy for not only writing that on bubbas page– but on mine as well– :)

  • Amanda Rambo

    My husband, Michael, and I are celebrating our 4 year anniversary today, May 5th. Thank You!!

    Amanda Rambo

  • Amanda Rambo

    thats for tomorrow mornings show, lol
    amanda rambo

  • Tonia Lucas


  • bobby reeves

    hey John it is me your morning newspaper carrier who calls in just wanted to say TYSVM for the great job and the music keep it up and i also have requested to be on your team for kickball

    • Johngarrettyuhas

      thanks bobby!! call me anytime and i will play u a song–

  • Alan

    Hi John, Nathan Osmond has a great tune called “Sweet” that just went to #1 on the Indie Country Charts. Would you please give it a spin? It really rocks. Thank you John!!

  • Bobby Reeves

    late me and bobby how when you are going to have a nuther kickball and me and bobby will play the next one that you have oh ok john garrett

  • Tikodiko

    My Lawd that bio is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Nice 70’s haircut btw.

    • Johngarrettyuhas

      hey keith- i see you are still stalking me online– when r u ever going to be content with your life/wife/career…?

  • Chrrybomb42

    please wish Kelsey Conway a happy birthday on August 31st.

  • Lynch Donna50

    Hey John, this is not a song request.I tried to call your number but got no answer. I just heard a commercial on WBAM concerning a stimulas program to get $2000 to buy groceries.I am wanting to know if this is a legitimate program. They are asking for a credit card number to charge for shipping & handling. Can you answer this for me.
    Thanks for your help,
    Donna Lynch
    P.S. I listen to your station EVERYDAY, Great job!

  • John W. Ogden SFC Army Retired

    Great job, John & CJ keep it up really thought your comments on 11/2/11 for the military was dead on.. I am an ARMY retiree who served honorably for 21 years.. Thanks again you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tammy

    Please announce on Thursday morning, Nov 17th..HI, I would like to wish Michael Hantz a Very Happy 8th Birthday from his MeMe in Roanoke Rapids North Carolina.

    Also wish him a very happy Birthday from his cousins, Meagan and Elizabeth, in North Carolina

  • Bigoliar

    do you still have a copy of that christmas in chisholm song? it was the best.

  • Bigoliar

    i see that my request was denied and removed for the christmas in chisholm song. would still love to hear it again.

  • Bobby Parris

    Hi John
    My wife Martha and I listen to you and C J every morning and you just get our day started right.We both like your cat stories.Stay cool. OK.

  • Anonymous

    i listen bama country in sud Brazil. My name is Bruckmann.

  • Jessica

    What was that web site that had historical pics of Montgomery? I don’t have FB so I can’t look there.

  • Brandon

    Can you play “So u dont have to love me anymore by Alan Jackson.

  • Brandon

    Can you play Scotty Mccreery and Lauren Alaina. I really like hearing their music.

  • Mattieneese2012

    Hi John, I get up early and I really enjoy your show. I miss CJ,haven’t heard why she’s gone.

  • geggywhooo

    So what has happened to your morning counterpart, CJ? I miss her and the two of you seemed so much fun. Also, she was fun to listen to with Bubba – they had too much picking on each other!

  • sherry williamson

    could you play safe and sound by Taylor Swift sat.? thanks sherry williamson.

  • Kathi Womack

    Hey John I listen to you every morning on my way to work. I see where you can report birthdays but not where you can log anniiversary. My husband Wayne and I will be married for 21 years Friday 10/12/2012 and together for 26 years. Just want to be sure we are announced that day and that he knows how much I love him. Can you help me with that. That’s Wayne and Kathi Womack. Thank you so much.


    Hey Cowpoke! OT: Thx millions for help w/ aircheck – and PLEASE: If you need to contact me, FB here is ‘corporate’ so drop me a line so I may further smuther you w/ grateful words of appreciation…:-)
    Best to you John – a great talent and Montgomery is fortunate to have you!


    heard you gripping about price of gas this morning. care to expose the facts .
    look up eclair process.natural gas to gasoline.sold to AREF(OPEC).

  • joseph barlow

    Mr. Garrett. complaining about high gas price is pointless. time to educate public.
    natural gas to gasoline = 60 cents per gallon. coal to gasoline under $1 per gallon
    kerogen to diesel under $2 per gallon. plastic garbage to diesel under $1.25 per
    gallon. look up carbon capture skid= seawater to fuel=$3-$6 per gallon.
    everything but water is cheaper to make fuel than crude oil.

  • GG

    Every time you introduce the song “I Drive Your Truck” you act real flippant about it. Saying this guy is driving his buddy’s truck. Have you ever really listened to the song? It’s about a young man whose soldier brother has died and this is his way of grieving. He feels close to the brother while driving the truck and remembering the brother he has lost.

  • Rebecca Sides

    It was great meeting you today at Mellow Mushroom, John!! Such a great guy! Hope to see you soon at Rez Fitness!! :-)

  • Sudie

    We cannot find your Iron Bowl Parody song (Mambo #5) that you wrote and sang. Would LOVE to hear it ! Can you post a link please?

  • caleb phillips

    I had lunch with you at the cafe in Montgomery a while back with my sister and my mother. I am Caleb Phillips. I left you a voicemail back then and I think u played it on the air a day or so after. I never heard it but I heard about it. Lol lets get up sometime bro. I’d love to see what your up to these days. Take care John.

    -Caleb Phillips

    334-652-3013 cell. Text or call.

  • YODA

    John! It is 4:39AM Sunday morning June 15th! I am hanging out at The GREYHOUND Bus Terminal in Montgomery! I tried to call to see if you wanted to have breakfast at the VENDING MACHINES! Gotta run the bus is reloading and some homeless person wants to use to computer! I’ll HOLLA soon! YODA

  • Geoffrey

    Like your show in the Morning John. You are a great John glad you came back.