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Pet of the Week

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Week of May 17

25455852_500x765Yamilla is a 2-year-old spayed female Terrier mix who may have a little bit of Black Lab in her heritage. Her name means “love of beauty” and what a beauty she is! Yamilla is almost solid black with just an itty bitty bit of white markings on all four feet and a little white on her chest. She only weighs 24 pounds; and Yamilla is about as big as she is going to get. This little girl is very sweet and appreciates every bit of attention that is shown her. Yamilla responds well to a kind word and any affection you show her. She was very afraid when she first came to the shelter and has responded so well to the kindness the staff has shown her. This loving dog is very well behaved and walks like a pro on a leash. She is almost housetrained; and with a patient owner and just a little more work she will have mastered it. Yamilla will do fine in a home with children and other dogs but she really does not care for the company of small dogs. If you have always wanted to help a shelter dog and make a difference–Yamilla would be an excellent choice!

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