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The Bama Country Morning Show: Jeff Blake and Kristy from 6a-10a
Mid-Days: Dr.Sam from 10a-2p
Afternoons: Bubba from 2p-7p
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  1. Re: Music Programming
    We are releasing the second single from our new album; do you have a new music or new artist feature there? Would you like to receive a copy of the new single for airplay consideration? Let us know.
    Warm regards,
    The C-Denny Band

  2. Re: Music Programming Director
    I have recently been in the studio cutting 3 new songs to start my 2nd album. I wrote, co-produced, & performed all 3. If you give unsigned artists airtime, I sure would appreciate consideration.
    Thanks So Much,
    Sean Nelson
    [email protected]

  3. Donna Parker says:

    Great music!!!!!!!! Ready for a long weekend and love me some Subway!!!!!!!!!
    Glad you are feeling better

  4. what was the name of the song before marie lavoe came on?

  5. Re: Music ProgrammingHello,We are releasing the second single from our new album; do you have a new music or new artist feature there? Would you like to receive a copy of the new single for airplay consideration? Let us know.Warm regards,The C-Denny Band

  6. Jackie Redd says:

    I love this station. I listen online all the time but lately you cut in an d out so much it is almost not worth listening to. I can barely listen to a song without it cutting out. HELP!! Please can you look at it and maybe fix it!

  7. Dick Fitswell says:

    You guys are the best!!!! WLWI sucks!!! Better music… better personalities!

  8. please, please get a new version of the national anthem! Something more traditional. The vocal gymnastics of the current one is offputting and seems personal to THE SINGERS–reminds me of Roseanne’s buthcheed version

  9. I am recommending “Heaven in Your Arms” by My Brave Love, from Dallas, TX. USA.
    This song won honorable mention in the Billboard World Song Contest. You can also download all music by My Brave Love free at Radio Submit.


    Kathy Hopple (formerly Nichols)
    Bassist and Producer
    My Brave Love

  10. Donna Parker says:

    Thanks for the great birthday wish!!!!!!!Bubba, I hope you had a great birthday we well!!!!!!

  11. I am getting married in June and most all of my wedding reception songs are going to be country. I would like to know if you could suggest a country song for our grand entrance from the church into the church hall where the reception will be.

    Let me know.

    Thank you.


    I have tried to call your request line several times today and there has been no answer.

  12. Helen Hill says:

    Bubba please go bck to the morning show. Listening to the replacement makes me very sleepy. You and CJ make a perfect morning team and we need you back. Please go back.

  13. john carter says:

    Why would they screw up things when bubba & cj won morning show this sux now thinking of listen to 92.3 now

  14. Helen Hill says:

    The morning show was boring again today. Bubba please come back. We need you.

  15. Why are peoples always putting state employees down! You think have a cushion job then maybe you need to go work for them and see how cushiony the majority of their work is. If the state they want to save the state money , they need to cut out the jobs created for friends and family that pay $75.000 or more a year. The avereage state employees who has made a career with the state for 20 years or more doesn’t make $40,000. They are the backbone of the state work force. They old saying “to many chiefs and not enough indians” applies to state government. They need to get rid of of them. What about all the money spent on redecorating offices when someone new comes in and purchasing new cars and SUV for department heads. How much money would that save? But no one wants to look at that. Just complain about the HOLIDAYS!
    By the way I AM NOT A STATE EMPLOYEE, but I do think the benefits they receive make up for what they lack in salaries and health benefits!

  16. Helen Hill says:

    Another boring tide to work with NO BUBBA!!!!!!! Maybe we should start a petition with the radio station to get Bubba back in the mornings. I love Rick and Bubba but something is not right with them and country together, but I guess I could get used to it,,,,,,,,I can not listen to John Garrett in the morning. He has NO personality. Please bring Bubba back to morning!!!! How many others out there want Bubba back?

  17. joseph barlow says:

    You have been talking about high gas prices. look up natural gas to gasoline by synfuels international of dallas texas.$25 per barrel premium gasoline sold to ARABS to keep us enslaved to foriegn oil. AREF is the finiance arm of the kuwait oil company.
    barrel = 42 U.S. gallons.

  18. joseph barlow says:

    bubba why the gingles about high gas prices??? If you refuse to expose the truth that we can manufacture fuels for our cars without imported crude oil and do it far cheaper. under $2 per gallon.

    $5 higher and higher was the last gingle do you care to oppose $5 gasoline.

  19. Who was the oldie night dj before Bubba? I can’t remember his name.

  20. Horse Country <3 says:

    Can I make a request?

  21. Patsymariemcghee says:

    Hey yesterday i was listening n heard the broadcast about the Green Egg..Today somewhere they are filling gas tanks for $10 when u tell them u heard it on 98,9 Bama country but I didn’t get the gas station..Can u tell me which one it is

  22. Lindenbergue says:

    You are the best!!!!!

  23. Lindenbergue says:

    I love this station!!

  24. Lindenbergue says:

    I am listening from Brasil!!

  25. Rapha Ecouel says:

    I’m from Brazil and listen to the radio all day at work! I love your work, thank you for making my day more excited! Londrina, Paraná – Brazil

  26. Bubba, Thank you for the classics you play and thank the Bama staff for putting this on line. I am a Bama boy now living in Ohio and home sick something fierce and the Bama Country on line takes me home every Saterday night. Thank you, Jerry Duncan.

  27. Pleaae play a song for me farewell party for george jones thank you i cant get threw

  28. Savanna Mclemore says:

    Can you please play branded man by Merle Haggard for my daddy aka “cornbread” and his buddy “trouble” in Kilby tonight? Keep you’re head up and smile,we love you!

  29. sabrina woodall says:

    Please play Dwight Yokam’s “reading writting” so my husband will be Happy : )

  30. Deneice Stinson says:

    Please play dolly’s Jolene. Deneice and Heather in Marbury.

  31. Natalie Tindal Langford says:

    Can you play Mr Lincoln for the Midway community!

  32. Matthew says:

    Love this station! Listening in Buckinghamshire, England. The sun is shining, cold beer in my hand and listening to Bama country play Band Perry- life is good :)

  33. Melvin F Larmon says:

    Great station WBAM ..listening from way up here in ROCKFORD Coosa County ..LOL

  34. You should add an online request

  35. Lisa Roberts says:

    Can you play Jason Aldean Burnin it down. From Tiffany to Robert I love you

  36. What was the name of the song you played just before you played Jason Aldean around 9 am on Saturday the 23rd of December. It was after “I’ll Name the Dogs”.